Saturday, December 31, 2011

Up North! & Happy New Year!

 December 27, 2011 - MaKayla and Noan dressed up as "Super Hero's".  MaKayal was Optimus Prime and Noah was a Rocket.
 December 28, 2011 - We went "Up North!"  Daddy couldn't go for his first snowmobile ride of the season without the kids.  They were all excited for the season!
 MaKayla and Noah fell asleep together in ourt bed.  They look like perfect little angels with they are sleeping and not fighting =).
 December 29, 2011 - Noah and Julia are getting some morning snuggle time with Nana.
 MaKayla is waiting patiently for her snowmobile ride with Daddy!
 Me too!
 Daddy can't sneak off on this trip.  The kids have ears for the snowmobile engine!
 Noah ended up riding with Papa to sledding hill and MaKayla rode with Daddy.
 Uncle Joe and Noah
 MaKayla is a "Big Girl" now and didn't need much help from us this year!  She walked up the hill all by herself and went sledding.  She is growing up so fast!
 There she goes again!
Daddy and Noah
 Nana and Julia are coming right at me!
 MaKayla is beating Uncle Joe and little brother!
 I think Daddy is cheating!
 Laura and Julia
 Uncle Joe somehow got the job of pulling the girls up the hill.
 Noah wanted Aunt Laura to go down the hill with him.
 The race is on!
 MaKayla and Julia
 My little snow angel!
 Handsome Daddy!
 Handsome Boy!
 Noah loved this snowmobile sled that he borrowed from Steve Haas.
 Daddy and Noah
 My little ham!
 Noah and Papa!
 MaKayla and Daddy
 I took a picture out of the window of the truck of MaKayla and Andy on the snowmobile. 
 Noah and Papa on the trail.  I pulled over and took some pictures.
 MaKayla and Daddy on the trail.
 Noah and Papa
 MaKayla and Daddy
 Joe and Laura and the camp fire
 December 31, 2011 - Happy New Year! 
Papa and MaKayla spending some snuggle time in the morning!
 Snuggle time for Nana, Laura and Julia
 We decided to go for a family sleigh ride.  We stayed warm by a fire in a small cabin that reminded me of Little House on the Prairie while we waited.
 Bonnie has her blanket ready.  She was smart! I should have brought one!
 Laura brought her blanket too!
 Say "Cheese"
 MaKayla makes friends where ever she goes!  She is our social butterfly!
 Daddy and the kiddos!
 Dad & Bonnie
 My handsome boy and me
 My hubby and I
 We are on our way!  It was the perfect day for a sleigh ride!  It wasn't too cold and the trees were laiden with snow!
 My sister Laura, her husband Joe and my niece Julia
 My lucky hubby Andy =)
 My two beautiful children and me!
 Pa Dad and Bonnie!
 Sweet Girl!
 Silly Boy with Daddy!
 Beautiful Sleigh Ride!
 Why is it that I can't ever get a serious photo?
 The horses

 We stopped for hot chocolate.  The adults were able to add peppermint or butterscotch schnapps which was so good!  We learned that added clean snow prevents burned lips for the little ones =). 
 Hot chocolate being made over the fire!
 MaKayla loved the horses!

 A family photo opprotunity!
 All of us that were able to go "Up North" this year!

 MaKayla and Aunt Laura
The little cottage that we stayed warm in before we left for the sleigh ride.